We offer a complete line of high-quality portable ultrasonic instruments for a wide range of applications such as weld inspection, petrochemical piping & tubing, nuclear pressure vessels, aerospace components, aircraft maintenance, forged products, and heavy metals.


Largest Viewable A-Scan Display in its Class. Can be Used in the Harshest of Environments. The battery has an operating life of more than 13 hours. Flexible Data Reporting and Storage and Comprehensive Connectivity. It incorporates a range of innovative features to ensure that this new instrument is adopted as the everyday workhorse of flaw detectors by NDT inspectors globally.

  • Largest Viewable A-Scan Display in its Class
  • Simple and Efficient Operation
  • Flexible Data Reporting and Storage
  • Comprehensive Connectivity
  • Can be Used in the Harshest of Environments

Available in three Versions to meet the most standard inspection codes:

  • Can operate in DAC, AWS and DGS modes,
  • Features a powerful square wave pulser for excellent material penetration
  • Can accommodate GE’s patented trueDGS probe technology, which offers unrivalled accuracy in sizing of flaws using the DGS method, as well the patented Phantom Echo Detection technology.

Applications – The USM 36 has been developed for day-to-day use throughout the industrial spectrum, from:

  • Weld inspection and corrosion measurement in the power generation and petrochemical industries. Weld Inspection in the Power Generation and Petrochemical Industries Intuitive tools facilitate analysis and the use of color on the ultra-bright, 7 inch screen allows significant display benefits during weld inspection
  • Castings and forgings inspection and thickness measurement in the automotive, metals and aerospace sectors
  • Inspection of special materials.


  • Monitor gates and curves are displayed in various colors;
  • Messages and alarms are displayed in red;
  • A-scans can be displayed in different colors to assist comparison;
  • Color display of all parameters involved in flaw location, including sound path, surface distance, depth position and leg number;
  • GE’s patented color coded display of legs for angle beam inspection.
USN 60 & USN 60L

NEW brighter display works at -20°C !

The USN 60 flaw detector series has been optimized for use in direct sunlight and operation at extreme temperatures. These new characteristics make the instruments ideally suited for outdoor use with its increased long battery operation time. Depending on the applications challenges, you have the choice between the USN 60 and the USN 60L version.

USN 60

Range 0.040” to 1100” (1 mm to 28 m) at steel velocity;

Pulse Repetition Frequency up to 6000 Hz

USN 60L  (replaces USN 58L)

Range is 0.040” to 480” (1 mm to 12 m) at steel velocity;

Pulse Repetition Frequency up to 2000 Hz

Optimized outdoor use design

The USN 60 / USN60L flaw detectors are especially designed to be used outdoors:

  • Extreme temperature use (-20°C to +55°C /-4°F to 130°F)
  • Easy to view in direct sunlight
  • 11 hours battery operation

Vibrant colors

  • Hi-resolution color LCD display produces “Analog Look and Performance” echo dynamics.
  • 4 selectable vibrant display color schemes to match lighting conditions.
  • Gates and gate functions are color coded for easy identification and adjustment.

Wide range of applications

A 6 kHz pulse repetition frequency, real-time analog and TTL outputs makes the USN 60 flaw detectors series ideal for a wide range of automated systems testing applications. The exclusive SmartView feature displays even the shortest echoes for critical scanning and rotating part inspections. The quality, durability, dependability and ease of use that you have come to expect of Krautkramer’s popular USN Series of instruments remains.

From rugged field inspections to high resolution thin measurements, long acoustically clean materials, and immersion systems, the USN 60 flaw detector family extends the range of applications that a portable instrument can perform. Furthermore the selectable 450V Square Wave Pulser satisfies a wide range of tough to penetrate applications, such as difficult to penetrate metallic applications and especially non-metals inspection like composite materials.

USM-Go & USM-Go+

A Flaw Detector that can also become a flexible Thickness Gauge…

The joystick control of the USM Go and the 4-way arrow keys control of the USM Go+ can be used left or right-handed. Large clear LCD screen, viewable in the brightest of light. Powerful, comprehensive ultrasonics allow extreme versatility for a wide range of applications, IP67 dustproof and waterproof.

The USM Go has been designed to provide flaw detection capability in inspection situations throughout the industrial and process spectrum, from aerospace to power generation and from the automotive sector to the oil and gas industry.

USM Go      =  Joystick

USM Go +  =  Arrow keys

Video recording up to 8 minutes allows live reporting. Download the USMGO player free of charge and create your own .AVI video file. Great reporting tool for data transmittal.

Upgrade your USM Go+ to the DMS Go+ thickness gage

The USM Go+ uses the same operating platform as the DMS Go+ thickness gage. By means of a simple software purchase your USM Go+ can benefit from all the DMS Go+ functionalities and perform advanced thickness gage readings with full data recording capabilities. This means that NDT personnel now need to carry only one inspection instrument to perform accurate and dependable thickness measurement and flaw detection. A further benefit of this dual modality is a significant reduction in operator training times.

USM Go+, A flexible Flaw Detector that can also be a Thickness Gauge

The new ultrasonic Go+ combines a thickness gauge and a flaw detector in one single lightweight instrument. With fast field software upgradeability, start with a USM Go+ and add DMS Go+ flaw detector capabilities as your inspections demand, or buy both initially. The choice is yours!


This simplicity of use comes with the 2 different versions on which you will find only the functions you need:

USM 32X B for all standard applications

USM 32X L for testing large work pieces or strongly sound-attenuating materials

Products Features:

  • Two rotary knobs
  • 14 keys only
  • Large color LCD
  • Only one menu line
  • Four functions per menu
  • Direct access to all functions
  • Support for 20 languages

The ergonomy of USM 32 allows its use in workshop, laboratory and outdoors. Due to its adjustable handle the instrument sits stable on any surface you encounter, even on round parts. For those who wish to hold the instrument, a holster is available.

Battery life:

The Lithium Ion battery allows at least 14 hours of continous use, and can be charged internally within 7 hours. If necessary, it can be exchanged within seconds or replaced by 6 C-size standard batteries from the shop next door.

The Color screen:

Because the screen is what the inspector has to look at all the time, we selected a very high contrast and fast color LCD. Its big size, 4,5’’ x 3,4’’ (115 mm x 86 mm), its A-scan resolution of 320 x 220 pixels and its choice of color schemes offers you an outstanding comfort of viewing under all light conditions.