The PLASTIFORM starter kit allows you to familiarize yourself with the various different print molding products and their physical properties, and also to supply you with all the necessary start-up accessories. There are two kits available: The ML-200 starter kit includes the double blade cutter and the starter kit ML-300 does not.  The starter kit provides you with the main working tools such as the injectors and various assortments of consumables which can be re-ordered to your satisfaction.

Once you have selected the starter kit, you then need to make a Plastiform cartridge selection which best suits your applications. The Plastiform 50 ml cartridges are mainly supplied in boxes of eight. You can order all the same model of Plastiform or vary the selection depending on your applications for either surface molding, inner molding with larger or smaller orifice access.  Your Trikon sales associate will be able to assist you on selecting the right cartridges for your application.

The ML-200 and ML-300 starter kits include the following accessories:

  • 1 injector gun DS53
  • 200 gr of PLASTIN masking putty
  • 50 mixing nozzles
  • 10 small diameter injectors nozzles
  • 21 demolding rings
  • 400ml can of aerosol degreaser

The ML-200 starter kit also includes the double blade cutter shown below:  It is composed of two parallel blades, spaced out by 1mm, enabling to cut a slice in a semi flexible moulding for a measure with a profile projector or digital optical comparator, avoiding any parallax defect at the screen.