Non Destructive Testing by Print Molding

PLASTIFORM is a process of non-destructive control via soft moulding used by metrologists, quality controllers and methods engineers as an economic, simple, rapid and reliable way of carrying out non-destructive control. With the PLASTIFORM range you can control a groove, a thread root, a bearing distance or a radius … even in a small and even tiny orifice without having to cut or destroy the part.  With our Vision Kit, for example, examining and measuring the extraction of the soft moulding from the internal simple or complex form in a few seconds, even in the presence of a back draft, is child’s play

PLASTIFORM is a soft product that enables its user to make print moldings of internal and/or external complex machined parts. The print can then be inspected and measured on an optical device. Soft, print molding has become an inspection process in itself: PLASTISCOPY.

Chemically based PLASTIFORM products are packaged as two separate components. Polymerization occurs when equal portions of both components are mixed together. Before applying PLASTIFORM products, the part or object must be cleaned of all impurities and stripped of all grease.

PLASTIFORM products do not contain any chlorine, fluorine, nor sulfur. They are non-toxic and non-polluting and can be used without any particular restrictions.