AccuMAX XRP-3000 Radiometer/Photometer

Advanced, Microprocessor-Controlled System. Measures Both Visible and UV Light Using One Sensor Detector! Complies with MIL and ASTM specifications for MPI and FPI.

  • Microprocessor-controlled readout unit with dual-wavelength sensor detector
  • Superior bandpass interference filter
  • Choice of direct or USB connection between sensor detector and readout unit
  • Excellent cosine response
  • User-defined power save and automatic shutoff
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD screen
  • Sealed sensor housing and USB connection with water-resistant adapter

AccuMAX™ XS-555/L Luminance Sensor Detector

AccuMAX™ XS-555/L Luminance Sensor Detector

The perfect accessory for the AccuMAX XRP-3000 Digital Radiometer/Photometer Kit.

Ideal for technicians performing radiographic examinations.

Luminance is typically used to measure uniformly radiating surfaces, such as backlit panels, film viewers and monitors. The AccuMAX XS-555/L luminance sensor detector measures the brightness of a visible light source and, unlike many competitive units, allows the user the choice of displaying the results in three distinct units of measure: candelas per square meter (cd/m2), candelas per square foot (cd/ft2) and footlamberts (fL).

  • Meets ASTM and MIL standards.
  • Extremely versatile. Provides luminance measurements in cd/m2, cd/ft2 and fL.
  • Ideal for radiographic examinations requiring film viewer output measurements.

Connects easily to the digital readout unit via a USB cable.

DM-365XA UV Radiometer

Unmatched accuracy

Meter calibration by pyroelectric method provides superior linearity and controlled spectral response. Auto-zeroing feature and reliable electronic/electro-optic circuitry provide excellent signal-to-noise ratio. High-quality interference filter ensures closely controlled spectral coverage (320 to 400nm) and eliminates sensitivity to infrared.

Use the VF-100 Spec-Stik MIL-STD verification fixture to calibrate your lampsat exactly 15 inches (38.1cm)!

DLM-1000, digital radiometer

The Gould-Bass DLM-1000 Digital Radiometer is a portable, 3-1/2 digit instrument that measures either blacklight intensity in the spectral range of 320-400 nanometers in microwatts per square centimeter or visible light intensity of 380-700 nanometers (photometric response) in Lux or foot-candles, depending upon the sensor selected.

Gould-Bass DLM-1000 is the easiest to handle blacklight, and visible light measuring instrument available today. The “DigiGlo” LCD display provides constant fluorescent illumination with no battery draw.

  • Meets AMS, ASTM, & Mil Standards
  • NIST Traceablilty assures meter accuracy
  • Includes visible light and black light sensors
  • UV sensor reads accurately 320-400 nm range
  • Visible light Lux or Foot-candle sensor option reads accurately 380-700 nm range
  • Visible sensor corrected to CIE curve
  • Constantly fluorescing LCD – DigiGlo Readout
  • Auto zeroing display requires no adjustment
  • Durable polymer case for rugged NDT use
  • Low battery indicator
  • Accuracy ± 5%