Menu Directed Inspection

Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) from GE Inspection Technologies is the first software tool to standardize the inspection process in the NDT industry. An XL Go™ or XLG3™ VideoProbe® system operating MDI software helps guide inspectors through the inspection process and intelligently auto-generates a report—saving time, improving quality and increasing productivity.

Products Features & Benefits:

  • Standardized Inspection List
  • Consistent Reporting
  • Data Management
  • Remote Expert
  • DICONDE Format (Digital Imaging and Communications for NDE)
  • Decrease reporting time up to 70%
  • Increase speed and ease of sharing data
  • Reduce errors with guided inspections
  • Eliminates post inspection reporting with “click-to-report”
  • Export data compatible with GE Inspection Technologies’ Rhythm® software—a powerful NDT data management platform

Inspection Manager

Inspection Manager is specially designed software for viewing and re-measurement of 3D Phase Measurement, StereoProbe Measurement, ShadowProbe Measurement and Comparison Measurement images. Inspection Manager also provides a Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) Viewer for easy image viewing. Inspection Manager uses the latest user interface tools available. Using the Microsoft® fluent user interface, it utilizes the ribbon toolbar for easy navigation and an efficient workflow.

Inspection Manager helps inspectors:

  • Verify measurement after leaving the inspection site.
  • Determine if a part is serviceable (in/out of limits).
  • View an MDI inspection in an organized way, determine if images were taken at the appropriate sections and easily view flagged images (defects).