PaperGeo generates virtual papers, and has been developed to generate geometry models using realistic cellulose fibers. A paper can be created as a random structure or via a fiber lay-down simulation.

PaperGeo includes models for adding binder and filler. The geometry models are highly useful for applications in the paper industry (paper press felts) and filtration.

Material properties like pore-size distribution, flow resistivity (permeability, pressure drop), effective thermal and electrical conductivity, effective elasticity, effective diffusion, filter efficency, filter capacity, and many more, can be calculated directly on the geometry models, using other GeoDict modules, e.g. PoroDict, ConductoDict, FlowDict, ElastoDict, DiffuDict or FilterDict.

Lay-down of cellulose fibers

cellulose-paper-modelCellulose paper model