Eddy Current Testing (ET)

Eddy current Testing (ET) is an electromagnetic testing method wherein a localized alternating current loop is induced in the test object and the inductive reactance of probe to magnetic field of induced current indicates subsurface flaws. It can be utilized on electrically conductive materials only. We provide eddy current instruments, testing machines, and sensors for industrial applications requiring surface and sub-surface crack detection and metal sorting. Our non destructive eddy current testing equipment and solutions will meet the critical requirements of your unique application and deliver productivity, quality, and safety. Summary of applications:

  • Flaw detection, bolt hole cracks, welding, corrosion mapping, PT replacement
  • Material Sorting
  • Nonconductive coating thickness, paint, epoxies, ceramics
  • Conductive coating thickness, clad metals
  • Material/dimensional thickness gauging
  • Hardness measurements

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