Plastiform Print Molding

There are different PLASTIFORM®  products available that have different properties for diverse applications. For the 50ml cartridge formats, there are eleven colors to choose from based on its individual properties. In most cases, the product is applied with an injector cartridge that mixes two components that polymerize. The products rubbery nature allows unmolding through restricted ports as it stretches out and returns to the original print size and form. There are different grades of hardness, from very rubbery to stiffer rigidity similar to plastics allowing measurement contact. Some are rigid enough to be cut into slices 1mm thick and magnified via an optical comparator. Other applications are for masking to protect against sand blasting or thermal projection. In the attached document, you will find a the latest product selection guide showing the different products available and their specific applications. 

PLASTIFORM® product characteristics ensure a molding with a high level of detail accuracy under pressure and produce a replica faithful to the nearest µm!  Polymerization begins at room temperature and takes 8 minutes….

  • Very low shrinkage rate
  • Maintenance of tolerances
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Excellent resistance to ageing
  • High resistance to inorganic chemical agents and ultraviolet rays
  • Technical information :
  • Conformity to impression : 99,99%
  • Instant shrinkage rate : 1/1000
  • Start of polymerization : right at nozzle exit
  • Setting time at 20°C:  averaging between 5 and 8 minutes.

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