Mentor Visual iQ options

Longsteer videoprobe 18m & 30m

For Mentor Visual iQ

GE's LongSteer probes provide great image quality, light output and articulation in lengths up to 30 meters. Standard 10 week lead time. Available diameters: 10mm with 8.4mm bending neck, 10mm with 3DPM 6.1mm bending neck. Available in 18M and 30M lengths

The articulation is provided by a clean air supply. Supply pressure: 100 – 150 PSIG. 

Do not exceed supply pressure of 150 PSIG, Clean & Dry air Instrument recommended.

CO2 Cartridge requires customer supplied regulator to reduce pressure to 100 PSIG

6.2MM Working Channel Probe

For Mentor Visual iQ

This 6.2mm videoprobe with working tool is used to retrieve loose parts and foreign objects stuck inside piping or other confined spaces can cause serious damage and unnecessary downtime to manufacturing processes, aircraft fleets and power generation systems. Working channel probes are also widely used in security and military applications. Increase productivity and get out of tight spots with the 6.2 mm diameter working channel probe. This working tool probe features an internal working channel and a full suite of working tools, making it the most complete foreign object debris (FOD) retrieval system in the industry.

Distally Inserted Tools

  • WT-141432HC: Hook Comparitor Cable 3.2M Working Length 
  • WT-141426HC: Hook Comparitor Cable 2.6M Working Length
  • WT-148032M: 8.0mm Magnet Tool 3.2M Working Length                   
  • WT-148026M: 8.0mm Magnet Tool 2.6M Working Length
  • WT-144032M: 4.0mm Magnet Tool 3.2M Working Length
  • WT-144026M: 4.0mm Magnet Tool 2.6M Working Length
  • WT-143532B: 3.5mm Brush Tool 3.2M Working Length
  • WT-143526B: 3.5mm Brush Tool 2.6M Working Length


WT=Working Tool, First Two Digits=Cable Diameter, Third and Forth Digits=Tool Diameter, Fifth and Sixth Digits=Working Length.

Borescope Adapter (BSA)

Some applications just call for a rigid borescopes or flexible fiberscope. This borescope adapter for Mentor Visual iQ combines optical clarity, durability and high-temperature operation of a rigid borescope with the image capture and data management capability of the Mentor Visual iQ. The borescope adapter connects to the handset of the Mentor Visual iQ system as an interchangable probe, adding versatility to your visual inspection toolkit.

UV light source for NDT

For the Mentor Visual iQ


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