Eddy current Testing (ET)

Ether NDE provides Eddy Current NDT Flaw Detectors, Bond testers, Conductivity Meters, Aircraft Wheel Inspection Systems, ECT Probes, Weld Probes and EC Rotary Drives, Accessories and Test Blocks. Many of the Ether NDE team members including John Hansen have worked together previously as part of Hocking, once the World class leader of Eddy Current probes.

WeldCheck 2  Weld inspection EC flaw detector, Single Channel

WeldCheck +  Weld inspection EC flaw detector, Dual Channel Plus

AeroCheck 2  Eddy Current flaw detector, Single frequency

AeroCheck +  Eddy Current flaw detector, Dual frequency

PhaseCheck  Eddy Current flaw detector with C-Scan Inspection Unit

EtherCheck  Combined Eddy Current and Bond Testing flaw detector

Carbon Steel ID tube tester Eddy Current flaw detector

ETi-200  advanced EC Flaw Detector, Multi-Frequency, Multi-Channel

SigmaCheck 2  Eddy Current Conductivity Meter

VeeScan   Eddy Current aircraft wheel inspection system

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