Testing chemicals by Met-L-Chek

Met-L-Chek Company has been a leader in penetrant-inspection technology for over 65 years, manufacturing NDT materials, contributing to specification development, and sharing technical insights through its popular Penetrant Professor newsletter. Met-L-Chek Company was incorporated in 1952 by the late Loy W. Sockman, holder of the first USA visible dye penetrant patent. Loy Sockman helped develop the first version of the penetrant approval specification MIL-I-25135. Met-L-Chek Company products are manufactured in the United States and under license in the Netherlands by NDT Europa BV. 

Penetrant Inspection Definitions for AMS-2644E and ASTM E-1417-05

TYPE 1 – Fluorescent Dye Sensitivity levels 1/2 – 4.

TYPE 2 – Visible Dye, no sensitivity levels.

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