Recertification service for liquid penetrant

PEN - Sample bottles and labels provided

Penetrant inspection materials which are used in immersion or recycled processing must be periodically checked to ensure continued usability of the materials. ASTM E-1417 defines the required tests and frequency for each type of inspection material.

All materials are to be checked for separation, discoloration, contamination and general performance on a daily basis. These tests are generally performed by the user at the start of each shift as part of the system performance check. The user can not actually measure sensitivity, only the qualifying agency can do this, but relative performance between fresh material and the in use material can be determined.

The use of a monthly or quarterly penetrant check will insure specification compliance of the inspection system materials. Trikon Technologies is equipped to perform all of the required tests to re-verify the continued compliance of a material with MIL-I-25135E and AMS-2644 inspection material qualification test requirement.

  • Full Penetrant Test
  • Emulsifier Test.
  • Fluorescent Test only
  • Annual Contract (12 penetrant tests)
  • Annual Contract (12 emulsifier tests)
  • Certification mailed within 2 working days of receipt of sample.
  • Immediate notification of any material discrepancies
  • Result saved in PDF format. Available via e-mail.
  • All manufacturers’ materials tested in our laboratory.

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