A series of transparent plastic devices with high fluorescent markings which are used in the inspection booth to assess the size of defects, both linear and round; also to assess the distance of a defect from a given point.

Swing Away Comparators

“Swing Away” Comparator has round and linear indications in inches ranging from .125 to .005 in acute angle “feeler gauge” style with markings on the tapered ends. Ideal for tight radius comparisons.

Spacing Comparators

Round indications in inches ranging from .125 to .015. Includes five circles diameter 1/16″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″.

General Electric Comparators

Round indications in inches ranging from .125 to .005. Meets GE specification.

TAM 135273

Linear and round indications in inches with metric equivalent. Range from .180 (4.6mm) to .010 (.2mm). Meets Pratt & Whitney specification.


An optical device for measuring the concentration of hydrophilic emulsifiers in water.

Test panels (TAM panel)

A stainless steel panel to monitor both sensitivity and washability of penetrants. It provides a grit blasted surface for washability tests and a chromed section with 5 star shaped defects ranging in size from course/fine.

Penetrant Electrostatic Manual Spray Guns

This has the advantage of providing an even film of penetrant and ‘wrap-around’ coverage over quite complex shapes. It has little over-spray, which means less wastage.

400 Economy Water Control

Assembly with vacuum breaker, single outlet: No panel or flowmeter

Tricon Guns

Our model C125N 1/2HH 25 has been recognized by Boeing and the US military as the nozzle required to rinse parts prior to inspection. The nozzles are certified to provide a full cone spray pattern of uniform distribution at 4 gallons per minute at 40 PSI.

Penetrant HVLP Spray Guns

HVLP Penetrant Application Gun

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