MPI Accessories


 Hand-held Inspection Yoke, by BAUGH & WEEDON 

The MY-2 is the smallest and lightest electromagnetic yoke currently available. It is encapsulated in a rugged housing that makes it extremely durable.The MY-2 is a handheld unit featuring powerful AC magnetizing, adjustable poles, and one handed operation. Its small size makes the MY-2 ideal for inspecting different geometries, welds, castings and on-site inspections, especially where there is limited access.

The MY-2 is supplied with a four meter long detachable cable. The use of a detachable cable and the availability of replacements means no “down time” fort he MY-2 and a longer product life.

  • AC Magnetic Field
  • Detachable Cable
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Super lightweight (approx 2.2 kgs)
  • Dual length articulated legs
  • Comfort grip handle

To maintain product quality it is important that every aspect of an inspection system is monitored regularly. In particular the performance of an MPI system is dependent on a number of parameters, each of which must be within acceptable procedural limits. Where magnetizing equipment is fitted with a timer to control shot duration, it must be calibrated on a regular basis, usually to an accuracy within 0.1sec.

Audit ST-1 Advantages:

  • Is a precision hand-held electronic timer specifically designed to check timer controls fitted to MPI benches.
  • Has a resolution of 0.02sec and is able to make accurate measurement of the duration of a magnetizing shot in respect of AC, HWDC and FWDC waveforms.
  • Operates equally for current flow, coil and flux flow magnetizing methods.
  • Can accommodate dual shots, recording both the first and second shot times and the duration of the rest interval.
  • Is fully calibrated using equipment traceable to National Standards.


Audit ST-1 displays the shot duration for current flow, coil and flux flow with selectable resolutions of either 0.1s or 0.02s. Additionally the magnetizing waveforms are indicated:

 “A”=AC   “H”=HWDC   “F”=FWDC.


  • Simply press the ON button and the instrument operates at the 0.1s resolution. Press and hold the ON button and it operates at the 0.02s resolution.
  • Audit ST-1 is held in-line with the magnetizing coil or a current flow component and the shot performed and displays the shot duration and the waveform code as described.
  • Then briefly press the ON button to reset the instrument.
  • Audit ST-1 will shut down automatically after 60s of inactivity.


Audit ST-1 can also measure two successive shot times and the rest interval ( up to a maximum of 4 seconds), on dual-shot equipment.

Braided copper contact Pads

4″ x 4″ Braided Copper Pad with Neoprene Insert
5″ x 5″ Braided Copper Pad
5″ x 7″ Braided Copper Pad
5″ x 7″ Braided Copper Pad witn Molded Vee-Block
5″ x 8-1/2″ Braided Copper Pad
5″ X 12″ Braided Copper Pad
Molded Vee-Block Pad Holder

Contact Plates and Blocks

Lead Contact Plate 1/4″
Lead Contact Plate 1/4″ D-Shape for Magnaflux Unit
Lead Contact Plate 1/2″
Contact Block

Spray Hoses and Nozzles

Spray Flow Nozzle (hand-held)
Hose, 4′ Long
Hose, 5′ Long
Hose, 6′ Long
Hose, 7′ Long
Hose, 8′ Long
Hose, 10′ Long
Hose, 12′ Long

Copper Conductors

Central Conductor Set (1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ dia.)
1/8″ Dia. Central Conductor 18″ Long
1/4″ Dia. Central Conductor 18″ Long
1/2″ Dia. Central Conductor 18″ Long
3/4″ Dia. Central Conductor 18″ Long
1″ Dia. Central Conductor 18″ Long

Monitoring Devices and Test Pieces

  • Castrol Strip Type I and type II, Brass Finish
  • Field Indicators

Non-calibrated model has positive and negative fields in 10 divisions – Calibrated model has positive and negative Fields in 20 divisions reading in Gauss. Pocket size magnetometers used to detect residual magnetism after demagnetizing.   The calibrated model has positive and negative polarity in 20 divisions reading in Gauss.

  • Centrifuge Tubes

Centrifuge Tube ASTM, 100ml, 0-1.0 ml in 0.05 Increments for Fluorescent Materials Centrifuge Tube ASTM, 100ml, 0-1.5ml in 0.10 Increments for Color Contrast Materials Centrifuge Tube Stand

QQI Test Shims

Also known as “The Berthold Gauge”, this penetrameter has adjustable sensitivity and is McDonnell Douglas aircraft approved.

Magnetic Penetrameter

QQI-230 Test Shim (1 indication)
1/2″ circle diameter, 1/4″ bar length,
( 30%, .0006″ (15 micron) flaw depth

QQI-4230 Test Shim (4 indications)
1/4″ circle diameter, 1/4″ bar length,
( 30%, .0006″ (15 micron) flaw depth

QQI-234 Test Shim (3 indications)
1/2″, 3/8″ and 1/4″ circle diameter,
.0004″ (10 microns, .0006″ (15 micron) and .0008
(20 microns) flaw depth (20, 30, and 40%)

Steel Ring Test Block - ASTM-E-1444

Includes Test Graph — Also available Steel Ring Test Block – (+/- .002″ per P & W)

Powder and Blower Bulb

Powder Bulb

Light weigh, easy to use apray bulb. Cap removes for easy filling

Blower Bulb

Air puffer to blow away loose particles not being held bt a flux leakage.

Contact Clamp with 4/0 Connector

Spring loaded contact clamps are used in inspection of tubing, bars and other parts.

Split Coils

A three turn coil with a quick disconnect, made up from insulated 4/0 size flexible cable. The split coil is easily placed around or through a part and snap locked together. Other diameters can be supplied to special order. Please ask for details.

Available in:

  • 12″ diameter
  • 18″ diameter
  • 24″ diameter

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