Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras (PTZ)

Ca-Zoom® 6.2 Digital Inspection System™ 

facilitates efficient inspection and surveillance activities


For remote viewing in large areas, GE Inspection Technologies offers a full range of rugged, industrial Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras. Each system features a color zoom camera module, high-intensity lighting, pan-and-tilt mechanism and industrial waterproof packaging for protection from extreme environments. Each ptz camera features unique options for specific industrial applications, so choose the model that is right for you.

The Ca-Zoom 6.2 puts image management in the palm of your hand with interchangeable camera heads, advanced camera setup, integrated image capture and full motion video recording capabilities, on-board file manager, annotation and comparison measurement features.

  • Three interchangeable camera head diameter options
  • High-performance, variable dual-lighting control
  • High-resolution images (470 HTV Lines)
  • Integrated temperature warning system
  • 64MB internal flash memory and CompactFlash® removeable storage Media
  • Still image or motion video capture
  • USB® streaming digital video output
  • On-screen zoom magnification, pressure, PTZ position, time/date character generation display and user logo
  • Unitized (no exposed wiring), all-in-one camera head construction
  • Remote operation with hand-held controller with built-in color VGA LCD monitor to control zoom, lighting, image control and measurement
  • In-air or underwater operation
  • Portable operating / carrying case with industrial wheels

Everest Ca-Zoom 6. with PTZ140 Head

The Everest Ca-Zoom® 6.2 system is the world’s most advanced industrial pan-tilt-zoom camera system. The system features still image or full-motion video capture, CompactFlash® removable storage media, an available laser measurement system, and PC remote control and re-measurement software. The PTZ140 camera head can be deployed through 140 mm (5.5 inch) diameter openings, and features a high-performance 36x-optical and 12x-digital zoom capability, high-powered halogen lighting, and advanced camera setup features with our exclusive iVIEW™

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