Trikon offers customized coaxial cables for Ultrasonic equipment. We are dedicated to providing the NDT industry with high quality, low cost ultrasonic transducer cables.

Ultrasonic cables with high quality connectors and flexible rubber sheaves to prevent cable breaking adjacent to connectors – prolongs cable life.

How to select your cable assembly: Select the connector you need for one end, select the connector for the other end and the cable length.

Type of connector available:

  • BNC
  • BNC female
  • Microdot
  • Lemo 00
  • Lemo 00 female
  • Lemo 1

Type of length available:

  • 1 foot to 10 foot
  • 10 foot and more

The RG174 cable assembly has a characteristic impedance of 50 ohms. 50 ohm coax cable, connectors, and adapters are commonly used in wifi (802.11 wireless LAN) antennas, ham transceivers, and other radio frequency (RF) analog and digital signaling, microwave, radar, hi-fidelity professional audio, non-destructive testing (NDT), oil and petroleum production, ultrasonic transducers, accelerometers, strain gauges, and some professional video applications.


The following are nominal values

Impedance 50 ohms
Inner Conductor Diameter 0.48 mm
Dielectric Diameter 1.52 mm
Shield Diameter 2.23 mm
Capacitance 100.0 pF/meter (30.5 pF/foot)
Minimum Operating Temperature -40 C (-40.0 F)
Maximum Operating Temperature 75 C (167.0 F)
Jacket Diameter 2.79 mm
Jacket Material PVC
Velocity Ratio 66%
Core stranded
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