We offer a complete line of standard ultrasonic transducers and accessories for virtually all industry segments and applications. Over 4000 standard transducers including contact, angle beam, immersion, and TR (dual) transducers are manufactured and tested according to both North American and European standards. When a unique solution is required, custom-designed transducers will be quoted on request.

Single Element 

We offer a complete line of Krautkramer single element contact and delay style transducers that are compatible with ultrasonic precision thickness gauges (CL 5 and CL 400) and Flaw detectors. A wide variety of transducers is available, satisfying virtually any inspection requirement on metals and nonmetals with relatively smooth, parallel surfaces. Depending on the material conditions and the instrument / transducer combination, measurements are possible from 0.005 to 15.00 inches, (.13 to 381 mm) with resolution down to 0.0001 inches.

Criteria for transducer selection is based on test material, thickness range, curvature, and accessibility of the test area. High frequency delay line transducers provide short pulse lengths for measuring thin materials. Lower frequency contact transducers offer improved penetration, making them a better choice when testing attenuative or coarse grain materials. Contact diameter should be considered to prevent excess couplant from being trapped between the transducer and test surface, or when testing on small radii. Contact us if you need assistance selecting the proper transducer for your application.

Dual Element

We offer a complete line of Krautkramer dual element contact transducers that are compatible with our D-meter line of ultrasonic thickness gauges (DM5E and DMS Go family) and flaw detectors. Standard probes are readily available to satisfy a wide range of remaining wall thickness applications, including high-temperature, through-coating, erosion/corrosion, thin materials, areas of limited access, tough-to-penetrate materials (coarse grained/non-metals), external pitting, wear-resistance, boiler tubing, small diameter piping/tubing, and most all general purpose applications.

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Pipe Diameter Transducer Guide

Probe Types

Contact Diameter

Minimum Pipe Diameter

DP-104 / DA-0.8G

1.250″ / 31.8mm

12″ / 304mm

DM-401 / 411

0.700″ / 17.8mm

6″ / 152mm

DA-303 / 403

0.635″ / 16.2mm

5″ / 127mm


0.625″ / 15.9mm

5″ / 127mm

HT-400 / 400A

0.500″ / 12.7mm

2″ / 50mm

DA-301 / 401 / 451

0.475″ / 12.1mm

1″ / 25mm


0.380″ / 9.6mm

1″ / 25mm

DA-312 / 412 / 465

0.300″ / 7.6mm

0.75″ / 20mm


0.200″ / 5mm

0.75″ /20mm

DA312B16 / B29

0.120″ / 3mm

0.70″ / 15mm

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