Thickness Gauge

CL5 Precision Thickness Gage

The CL5 precision thickness gauge offers a full range of functionality in an easy-to-use, compact and rugged package. It is used for precise thickness measurements of metal and plastic components whose complex geometry often makes them difficult to inspect with conventional gauges.

Products Features:

  • Enhanced measurement performance resulting in highly stable and repeatable readings
  • Snapshot A-Scan on all models for probe alignment and data control
  • Rugged housing, environmentally sealed to be used almost everywhere
  • Flexible power supply with 3 standard “AA” batteries or one-Lithium-Poly battery pack (rechargeable in the instrument)
  • Operating temperature range from -10°C up to 60°C
  • Hollow / Filled thickness digits indicating coupling status
  • Visual LED alarm for High and Low limit
  • Customer parameter set ups for special configurations and quick instrument configuration
  • Multi-language user interface
  • Automatic control of ultrasonic parameters (gain and gate controls)
  • Six different measurement and display modes for application specific operation
  • Wide variety of contact and delay line probes
  • Optional Live A-Scan and Programmable Data Recorder with SD memory card
  • Optional velocity mode for sound velocity determination


The CL5 is used in various industries, particularly in the automotive and aerospace sectors, as both a quality control and production metrology tool. It can be used to spot check the thickness of incoming material such as steel coil. It can be used to monitor machining operations by carrying out intermediate and final thickness measurements. It can also be used to provide precision thickness measurements of plastic components. The CL5 is compatible with a wide range of contact and delay line probes and its Delay Auto Measurement Mode automatically changes from interface to first backwall to multi-echo measurement when using delay line probes to gauge very thin components.

ECHO Series

Totally New Platform of Ultrasonic Thickness Gages, by Danatronics

Hand-Held Ultrasonic Thickness Gages for Corrosion and Precision Applications

The new ECHO series combines corrosion and precision gaging into one tough, small package... The perfect size of fit and function! Hold the ECHO in your hand and you will agree no detail has been overlooked and the ergonomics are unmatched by any thickness gage in the industry!

The ECHO Series offers a 3.5” high resolution sunlight readable color display with live A-Scan, use of a wide variety of contact, delay line and immersion probes from 1-20 Mhz as default and custom created and stored applications setups, B-Scan, datalogger  with up to 32GB of SD card memory and  interface to Microsoft excel.

The new ECHO series comes in 3 configurations;

ECHO 7:  precision gage with 1 micron resolution using single element transducers

ECHO 8:  the ultimate unit combining both ECHO 7 and ECHO 9

ECHO 9:  corrosion gage using dual transducers

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