Film and Film Processing Equipment

As the exclusive seller of Agfa NDT Film and equipment, GE Inspection Technologies offers a comprehensive range of Agfa NDT film types, equipment and chemicals – perfectly geared one to another.

Agfa Films

Agfa NDT radiographic film family builds on two critical facets of Agfa advanced film technology: High-quality images and rugged performance. Agfa NDT films’ reputation for excellence is the result of GE Inspection Technologies’ continuous striving for the highest product quality.

Agfa Chemicals

AGFA NDT Fixclean

Fixclean is a one-part maintenance product for the fixing, intermediate rinsing and rinsing areas of processors. It can also be used to clean fixer tanks of mixers and manual film processing systems.


DEVclean is a highly efficient 2-part cleaning product to oxidize the silver on the rollers and developer tank to keep them in solution. Used DEVclean from the tank contains Ag and fixer and must be discharged together with the fixer.

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