Fluorescent Water Leak Finder WLF-71

Fluorescent Water Leak Finder WLF-71

WLF-71 is a liquid dye additive which dissolves in water making the water fluoresce under UV-A ( ultra violet) light. This dye additive is commonly used to help locate leaks in large storage tanks but can also be used to locate leaks in small water reservoirs such as radiators. In practice, it is dissolved in the water in the tank, and then suspected areas of leakage, such as riveted or welded seams, are examined on the exterior of the tank, using a UV-A light. Any place where the water has leaked through the tank will show up as a fluorescent wet spot.

The concentrate is a dark amber color and has no fluorescence until mixed with water. The water fluorescent brightness is a function of the concentration of the WLF-71. Generally it is used between 1 gallon to 10,000 gallons of water (0.1 cc/L), and 1 gallon to 70 gallons of water (14 cc/L). It is up to the user to determine what concentration will best do the job. If the tank is located indoors, where the area can be darkened, then a low concentration might be used. If the tank is located outdoors and the inspection must be made in the daylight, then a higher concentration is required. Sample concentrations should be made up and examined under UV-A light in the actual tank location to determine what concentration is adequate.

We suggest the use of an ultra violet light of at least 100 watts with an output intensity of 1000 micro watts/cm2 at 15 inches. The fluorescent brightness of the indications is a direct function of the light intensity, and a weak light will not show up small or weak indications.

Available in Pint (0.4L) or gallon (3.7L) formats.

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