Fluorescent Oil Leak Finder GLF-320

Fluorescent Oil Leak Finder GLF-320

GLF-320 is a liquid dye additive which dissolves in gasoline, diesel fuel, and most oils making them fluoresce a bright yellow-orange under UV-A (ultra violet) light. It is generally used by mixing with the test liquid. In the case of an internal combustion engine, the engine is run and then inspected with the UV-A lamp for fluorescent trails from gaskets, joints and fittings which indicates a leak.

GLF-320 is added to the test fluid at the rate of:

  • 1 oz. (30cc) per 10-12 gal. (37-45 L) of gasoline.
  • 1 oz. (30cc) per 6-10 gal. (22-37 L) of light colored hydraulic fluid.
  • 1 oz. (30cc) per 4-6 gal. (15-22 L) of dark colored blue hydraulic fluid.
  • 1 oz. (30cc) per 2-4 gal. (7-15 L) of compressor oil.
  • 1 oz. (30cc) per 1 gal. (3 L) of gear box oil.

The GLF-320 should be allowed to mix thoroughly with the fluid before running the inspection test.

In the case of a gasoline system inspection, the GLF-320 is added to the tank and the vehicle driven a bit, or at least is allowed to sit overnight to mix the additive throughout the fuel. In any event, the engine should be run for 15 minutes or more to allow the fluorescent fuel to run from the tank through the fuel lines, fuel pump, and into the carburetor or fuel injection system. Following this, the fuel system should be carefully examined with a 100 watt UV-A light. Start at the fuel tank and trace the fuel line for its entire length. Pay particular attention to fittings, connections, the fuel pump, and any other device that may be part of the fuel system. It is better if the examination takes place in subdued light, so that the indications will stand out more clearly.

Availabe in 1 pint (0.4L); 1 gallon (3.7L) formats

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