Ceramic Flaw Finder CFF-2000

Ceramic Flaw Finder CFF-2000

Ceramic Flaw Finder CFF-2000 is used to locate surface cracks in porous bodies such as un-fired sanitary ware, electrical insulators, powdered metals, and dinnerware. It is a brilliant fluorescent chartreuse inspection material. CFF-2000 is safe to use on ceramic materials and all residue fires off in the kiln. CFF-2000 is available in two forms. The regular CFF-2000 is supplied as a ready to use liquid in one gallon, 5 gallon, and 55 gallon sizes. It is applied by first thoroughly mixing the material to resuspend the fluorescent particles and then flowing the material over the test part or spraying the material onto the test surface. After a few seconds, the surface liquid is absorbed into the ceramic and the part may be inspected with a high intensity UV-A (ultra violet) lamp. Cracks, tool marks, pits and other defects show up instantly as brilliant chartreuse fluorescent indications against a subdued fluorescent background. An alternate inspection procedure may include spraying the part with a light mist of water first, allowing the water to absorb, and then spraying with the CFF-2000.

CFF-2000C is a concentrated version and is designed to be diluted by the user to the desired brightness. A 5 gallon pail of the concentrate is designed to make a full 55 gallon drum of the ready-to-use inspection fluid. The concentrate should be mixed with any petroleum solvent similar to kerosene or Met-L-Chek® E-59.

Product Availability

1 gallon (3.7L) metal can

5 gallon (18.9L) metal pail

55 gallon (208L) metal drum

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