What COMET provides next to main business: Besides tubes and generators, we are pleased to offer all of the necessary components for a customized X-Ray module.

High-Voltage Spring Loaded Cables

COMET supplies high-voltage cables in a variety of rated voltages and lengths. The advantages of the spring-loaded cable are higher up-time, lower installation costs, lower maintenance costs, and reduction in cable failures. The replacement of the elastomeric spring with a mechanical spring ensures constant pressure in the receptacle with a pressure indicator, ease of installation, and a reliable supply of power.

Following standard cable lengths are available:
3 m, 5 m, 10 m, 15 m and 20 m

Brochure: CABLES

Industrial Coolers & Chillers

A top-quality cooler is vital to the safe and reliable operation of your X-ray system. We supply a variety of coolers ideally balanced to work with COMET X-ray tubes.

Brochure: Coolers & Chillers

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