Xplus Handle – Comprehensive control system

Xplus Handle

All VisiConsult systems can either be controlled through hardware buttons and joysticks or through the Xplus Handle control software. Additionally, this suite allows to automate all CNC capable drives, which are typically the manipulator, filter, shutter, diaphragm, doors and many more. Also the X-ray components like tube, generator, cooler and Flat Panel Detectorcan be controlled directly. Therefore, the generator unit to control mA, kV and focal spot is obsolete and this investment can be saved.

In case of semi or completely automated inspection (ADR) all parameters can be defined for each position through our system. This leads to a maximum flexibility in terms of inspection procedure. In combination with image enhancement every position can have different X-ray parameters, magnification and filters. All geometric information is passed to the Xplus to make calibration obsolete. Image acquisition for Computed Tomography is automated inside the CT module.

  • Direct hardware control: X-ray components, filter/shutter, drives etc.
  • Easy generation of automated inspection sequences through CNC drives
  • Clean representation of all warnings, error signals and safety circuits
  • In-house developed CT module for image acquisition
  • Automated Defect Recognition (ADR) module embedded

In case of a CT-capable systems the Computed Tomography module can be added at any time. The in-house developed image acquisition tool and interfaced Volume Graphics reconstruction algorithm leads to a One-Click process. All safety signals, errors, warnings and process information are bundled in the Xplus Handle for a clean representation. As VisiConsult is a custom system supplier the software can be easily modified to suit the inspection needs. There is already a great variety of customized systems on the market – for more information contact us directly.

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