Xplus Security Wifi

Xplus Security WiFi

VisiConsult offers an in-house developed long distance Wi-Fi module that can be added to most of the available Flat Panel Detectors. This allows a real-time inspection from over one kilometer distance. To maintain mobility, the systems are super light and have long-life battery packs.

Distance means safety in the field of explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), therefore VisiConsult offers reliable long range Wi-Fi solutions that allow operators to control the inspection outside of the danger zone. The ideal way is that no human has to enter the hazardous area to deploy the X-ray components, which can be achieved by using an unmanned vehicle. If this is not feasible the deployment of a wireless panel still reduces the danger by a huge amount.

The Wi-Fi module is available through in-house developed eBoxes for various flat panels that can be chosen depending on the requirements. Typical choices are 4336, 2530 and 4343 centimeters. VisiConsult is happy to suggest the best solution depending on the application. Images are transmitted to the operator in real-time, while the tube can be controlled through the touch interface. The ruggedized design allows operation in hostile and demanding environments with maximum reliability.

  • Fast and easy setup in just a few minutes
  • Highly mobile due to strong battery packs
  • Broad variety of Flat Panel Detectors available
  • Dual energy for detection of organic material
  • Long range Wi-Fi for maximum safety
  • Small footprint and reduced weight

Xplus Security that constantly sets new standards. Over 25 years of experience in industrial and security X-ray applications and a permanent development lead to excellent inspection results and proven processes. Quality and reliability are the basic principles for all our security products to guarantee a maximum operator safety.

Advanced features like automated image enhancement, extensive measurement, mission logs, forensics toolbox, dual-energy and many more are performed by a single tap on the touch screen of the ruggedized notebooks. The Xplus Security has hundreds of successful installations worldwide and is highly recognized in the field of IOD, IED and forensics. VisiConsult as a flexible solution provider is open towards software and hardware modifications to tailor the systems towards specific process or inspection requirements.

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