Xplus Security HE

Xplus Security HE

To penetrate even thick materials like aerial bombs the high energy module offers energies over 300kV for extended penetration. Operators can choose between flexible CR platesand shielded Flat Panel Detectors depending on the exact inspection requirement. The use of continuous X-Ray sources extends the inspection flexibility by a big amount.

The high energy systems are used for objects that are too thick for the highly mobile Golden Engineering pulse tubes. The constant beam X-ray sources allow higher energies and longer exposure times to penetrate even thick materials. VisiConsult as a supplier of cutting-edge civil X-ray solutions benefits from years of experience with very high energies for non-destructive testing. Sophisticated inspection tools were migrated and automated to retrieve brilliant images through a single tap on the touch screen.

Typical users of the high energy systems are bomb disposal units that clear areas from found aerial bombs or grenades. Typically, these objects have bigger dimensions and higher material thicknesses. The image enhancement system helps trained operators through image enhancement, inspection assistance and measurement functions to make the right decisions. The mission log offers archiving and documentation features in compliance to military standards.

  • Penetration of up to 60mm steel wall thickness
  • Shielded Flat Panels or CR plates available
  • High energy X-ray sources over 300kV
  • Mission log: Reference image catalogue and import
  • High contrast image enhancement and processing
  • Approved by the German Army “BAAIN”

Xplus Security that constantly sets new standards. Over 25 years of experience in industrial and security X-ray applications and a permanent development lead to excellent inspection results and proven processes. Quality and reliability are the basic principles for all our security products to guarantee a maximum operator safety.

Advanced features like automated image enhancement, extensive measurement, mission logs, forensics toolbox, dual-energy and many more are performed by a single tap on the touch screen of the ruggedized notebooks. The Xplus Securityhas hundreds of successful installations worldwide and is highly recognized in the field of IOD, IED and forensics. VisiConsult as a flexible solution provider is open towards software and hardware modifications to tailor the systems towards specific process or inspection requirements.

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