Automated Defect Recognition (ADR)

Automated inspection

Especially automotive manufacturers with a very high production volume demand interaction free in-line systems with Automated Defect Recognition (ADR). This reduces personnel costs and lowers the chance of human errors during the inspection process.

The VisiConsult in-house developed ADR is compatible to common image sources on the market and fulfills international quality standards like ASTM, VDI, EN etc. and the demanding company standards of VW, BMW, Porsche etc. With dozens of installations worldwide all systems are designed for 24/7 operation without human interaction. An offline station is used to train the inspection sequences and review the results. This leads to a completely decoupled procedure for 100% system uptime.

Typical ADR applications are the detection of porosities, inclusions or cracks. It is possible to define certain ROIs and check defect metrics like defect density, defect distance, defect size, defects per area and many more. Thresholds can be defined dynamically. Training of the system does not require any programming skills and can be done through local supervisors. This drives down production costs and reduces the inspection bottleneck, while increasing the reliability and process safety. An integration to Industry 4.0 factory solution allows full traceability of the inspection process on a part level.

  • Detection of defects or error metrics and patterns
  • Advanced dimension and completeness checks
  • Offline configurator and review station
  • Automated text recognition from X-ray images
  • Compliant to company standards (BMW, Audi etc.)
  • Industry 4.0: Integrated to quality management systems
  • High uptime and ISO 9001 certified service structures

Xplus VAIP (VisiConsult Automated Image Processing). This in-house developed tool is the most powerful ADR on the market. Complex test sequences can be performed on static images or real time. Example applications: The behavior of heat pumps under different temperatures and completeness checks of valves.

To ensure a correct part treatment and traceability the Xplus Handlecan work with RFID chips, data matrix codes, bar codes or even read the part number out of the X-ray image. Optionally we can supply a marking device to mark errors or the test result. After inspection images can be stored in a DICONDE database, different image formats or inside a test report.

For maximum convenience most of our cabinets like the XRH222 can be upgraded with ADR and loaded by hand or robot. Dedicated systems like the XRHRobotStar are available in case of short cycle-time requirements. VisiConsult is happy to support customers throughout the conception and application phase for best results.

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