The VisiConsult LiveFilters revolutionize the digital real time inspection process. Through the combination of fine-tuned high dynamic range, contrast enhancement, noise reduction and histogram leveling filters a brilliant image quality leads to superior inspection results.

A huge advantage of the Digital Radiography (DR) is the real-time capability of many detectors. This feature makes time-costly integrations or exposure obsolete and therefore allows in-motion testing. Live images have a reduced image quality because of the missing noise reduction if not post-processed. The biggest advantage for technology ais when being combined with real-time flat panels with a frame rate above 25 frames per second. But even with slower detectors it helps to do a fast pre-check on the fly without the need for image integration.

To counter this problem VisiConsult developed MotionDetect, an intelligent feature that applies a recursive noise reduction through averaging while being in live mode. To furthermore increase the visual image interpretability the LiveFilters apply contrast enhancement, lookup table and negation filters to the pre-processed image. This results in brilliant images with a high dynamic range. Experience unmatched image quality and ease of inspection.

  • Brilliant live images for real time in-motion inspection
  • LiveFilters: Invert, enhance or equalize X-ray images
  • MotionDetect: Intelligent noise reduction through averaging
  • Creates a high dynamic range (HDR) image with glassy look
  • Highlighting defects for enhanced optical recognition
  • Native Xplus feature for all systems

Xplus offers a filter builder, which allows to fine tune the live filter and switch to different modes.

The complete real-time toolbox is integrated into the image enhancement and processing software Xplus and can be combined with other modules like the video recorder (VCR) to archive the enhanced results. The VisiConsult application team will suggest certain hardware with low noise and high frame rate for best inspection results.

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