Computed Tomography

Computed Tomography (CT) is a technology that allows 3D reconstruction of test parts. This allows advanced analyses of the error shape, position and distribution. Depending on the application slower high-accuracy scans or fast scans are available.

Classic digital radiography (DR) cannot deliver any depth information of defects in X-ray images. As it is a purely two dimensional technology the viewer can just tell that there is an error, but never how deep it is inside the material. Nevertheless, in some applications it is a big difference if the error is close to the surface or deep inside the part. Another interesting metric is the exact defect-volume, which is impossible to determine in 2D images.

To retrieve the reconstruction data, the X-ray system needs to be capable to perform the synchronized mechanical movement. Our XRH222 for example has precise and programmable drives to acquire all needed images. Physical X-ray hardening through hardware filters is applied through a filter unit. In parallel the image quality needs to be enhanced in the background to further increase the quality and reduce artifacts. The intermediate result are thousands of X-ray images that will be passed on to the reconstruction suite. To allow a smooth workflow all processes are automated through the Xplus Handle, which leads to a one button operation principle.

  • Information about error volume, distance, wall thickness etc.
  • Optional in-line CT for automated 3D ADR evaluation
  • Independent of material type and density
  • Flexible scanning area depending on the detector size
  • Fast reconstruction (< 3 min) using the VisiConsult QUICKscan
  • 3D reconstruction and comparison to CAD data
  • Sophisticated defect and porosity inspection

ADR) of high volume parts. The versatile XRH111 is the perfect example for such a cabinet.

The in-house developed QUICKscan algorithm delivers interpretable results withing a few minutes. For more accurate inspections the scan time can be increased, which results in highest precision.

Putting it in a nutshell CT is a very mighty feature for your inspection. Nevertheless, not every inspection process really needs to use CT. For a detailed consultation feel free to contact us at any time. Our trained experts will suggest you the perfect solution for your inspection problem.

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