Xplus Image Enhancement

To assist operators in visual inspection of X-ray images the Xplusoffers comprehensive image enhancement features that highlight defects and increase interpretability. A broad variety of filters is available for different inspection tasks and materials.

The Xplus offers many filter presets that can be applied by a single click or through automated sequences. In everyday applications contrast, details, edge, integration, addition, compass, emboss, inversion, logarithmical or FFCE filters are the most beneficial choices. Internally all operations are performed on the 16bit image information. As the human eye can just perceive 8bit, filters have a huge impact for optical inspection when combined with histogram leveling.

All filters can be reversed or applied multiple times until the desired result is achieved. Advanced users can also use the sophisticated filter builder to create their own presets. This leads to a highly customizable inspection process and superior image quality. In case of special requirements the accomplished VisiConsult application engineers can assist to develop the suitable filter presets.

To increase image clarity the Xplus offers a sophisticated noise reduction functionality, which offers flexible dynamic and static averaging algorithms. This results in an improved Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) and brilliant images. The combination of image enhancement and noise reduction reveals never seen defects and insights.

  • Many predefined filter presets for single click application
  • Operators can create own presets through the filter builder
  • Filters can be reversed or stacked for an optimal result
  • Fine-tuned contrast and details filter for brilliant images
  • Inversion or color coding for a better optical inspection
  • Dynamic and static noise reduction functionality

The inspection software also offers handy features like an inversion of the image to work in the film mode (negative). In some applications the color-coding can help to highlight defects that are hard to spot in the typical black and white view.

More advanced operations like the renown VisiConsult 3D projection can be performed natively without any additional modules. To increase efficiency and process safety all filters can be automated into sequences. Operators can then apply filters through a single click, which were designed by the supervisors. This leads to a maximum process stability and comparable inspection results.

VisiConsult as a solution provider is flexible towards any software modifications to allow customers a more convenient inspection process. Our accomplished software, process and application engineers are available to support you in case of specific inspection problems. Our motto: Discover the invisible.

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