X-ray technology can be used in many ways for security to increase the public safety. Inspection of lost luggage, bomb defusing, inspection of suspicious objects and many more can be done through the highly mobile VisiConsult security solutions. Typical end-users of our systems are counter IOD/IED, counter surveillance, border control, customs and special forces.

The main goal behind the VisiConsult security branch was to create light-weight and easy to use systems that deliver cutting-edge image quality on a single click. The complete systems have to fit in an army backpack and have to weigh under 25kg to ensure the highest mobility. To ensure the quality, all security systems are certified by the German Army and the NATO.

As an image source VisiConsult offers a broad choice of Flat Panel Detectors (FPD/DDA) or Computed Radiography (CR) IP plates. Peripherals like inspection robots, the in-house developed WiFi system covering over 1.5km, X-ray tubes, scanners and many more are completely integrated to the Xplus software. To ensure a convenient handling the whole software can be customized and operated through touch-tables, tough-books and many more.

All our solutions are proven in field and are designed in a rugged military design to endure the demanding conditions. Our systems are highly mobile and can be transported in backpacks, Peli-cases or other convenient ways. The in-house developed battery system offers a runtime of 6 hours or more. The systems can easily be handled through one person for a maximum efficiency.

  • Used for counter IOD/IED, counter surveillance, border control, customs and special forces
  • Highly mobile in a backpack or Peli-case setup for easy transportation
  • Choice of multiple image sources, like CR or DR using detectors
  • One click operation and powerful image enhancement through the Xplus touch system
  • Long Battery runtime and WiFi over 1.5km
  • Integrated robots, tubes and detectors plus a broad accessory portfolio

high energy module allows inspection of objects with big wall thicknesses like aerial bombs, while the forensics module is tailored towards counter surveillance squads to inspect electrical devices with highest precision.

In times of terror and danger it is necessary to counter threads with reliable high-tech solution to protect civilians and operators. As the leading supplier with high reliability and accuracy VisiConsult is proud to contribute to a safer world during events like major footbal games, the Olympics and the everyday life.

For more details about the VisiConsult Security systems please refer to the Xplus Security section or contact our in-house security specialists. Through hundreds of installed systems worldwide VisiConsult has a lot of experience in inspection workflow design to support special forces all over the globe.

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