Heavy and big parts

Inspecting heavy and big parts is always a complex handling challenge. Almost every efficient X-ray solution is customized to allow a convenient and efficient inspection procedure. Using modern real-time DR-systems manufacturers can see a huge efficiency gain in comparison to the conventional film (RT) approach.

Generally, most big parts are also heavy. There are some exceptions like honeycomb wing-elements for the aerospace industry. Among the most frequent applications for big parts are tank and pipeinspection systems. As the standard requires a high quality test of all welds for every part the inspection is a production bottleneck. To learn more about the exact procedure please visit the Pipe/Tankapplication page.

The second field are big forged or casted metal parts that can be extremely heavy and hard to handle. As these parts often have big wall-thicknesses and high density, inspection has to be done with energy of 320kV, 450kV and higher (linear accelerators). In this energy range VisiConsult offers either X-ray systems inside a bunker or inside heavily shielded lead-cabinets. The XRHGantry for example is a roof mounted manipulation system for the flexible inspection of all kind of parts. The big advantage of an X-ray room is the convenient part-loading through rails, cartridges or even fork lifters. An alternative would be the XRH222TL cabinet that has a top loader opening. This allows to lower parts through the cabinet roof by a crane.

All our solutions are proven in field and are designed in a rugged industrial design to endure the demanding conditions inside a “dirty” production area and are optimized to have a maximum throughput.

  • Detection of porosities, inclusions, cracks and other flaws
  • Convenient part handling for big and heavy parts
  • Advanced 3D analyses with Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Highlight defects with the powerful Xplus image enhancement tools
  • In-line Automated Defect Recognition (ADR) for high volume production

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