Cultural Objects

To retrieve detailed information it can be necessary to analyze the inner structure of cultural assets in a non-destructive way. The only way to perform such an inspection is to use X-ray technology.

Many research institutes or museums have to perform complex inspections to reveal information about certain cultural assets. Due to the nature of those specimens only non-destructive methods can be used. Typical applications are for example inspection prior restoration, seam detection in paintings, layer analysis and much more. Mobile X-ray systems like the Xplus Mobile can be used for in-field spot checks before opening crates, treasures or other sealed objects.

In case of inspection inside institutes a stationary solution is the most feasible option. These systems can be used very flexible to inspect a broad portfolio of specimens. For detailed 3D internal analyses, the innovative VisiConsult Computed Tomography solutions can be used to perform a complex inspection. Using the XRH111 for example researchers can review layer by layer and do tests in a non-destructive (NDT) way to check for defects or hidden details.

All our solutions are proven in field and are designed in a robust industrial design to have a long lifetime even in a dirty environment. For lab systems there are also light-weight systems available.

  • Detection of details, seams, defects, layers etc.
  • Geometric measurement of inner structures and hidden details
  • Advanced 3D analyses with Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Highlight details with the powerful Xplus image enhancement tools
  • Mobile systems for in-field operation and laboratory systems available

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