Composite materials

Detecting flaws in composite materials like Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced (CFR) components or honeycomb structures are a complex inspection problem. Delamination cracks have a crucial impact on the material integrity.

Due to their low weight, fiber reinforced materials and composite structures were used in the aerospace industry to create very durable but light materials. Nowadays these high-tech materials are also commonly used in many fields like automotive, bicycle and marine industries. Especially CFR structures have an unmatched weight-stability ratio. But already minor production flaws like cracks, delamination or foreign material inclusion can cause a severe material failure. Combined with the fact that most of these parts are used in critical and safety relevant positions a 100% X-ray inspection is a must.

As most composite parts are a combination of two materials with fundamentally different densities like Titanium and CFR it is not a trivial inspection problem. The sophisticated filter toolbox of the Xplus includes contrast filters to highlight defects and equalization to inspect areas with different densities. As a special service the VisiConsult application engineers will develop cost-efficient and customized inspection setups and procedures for every customer.

Another very helpful technology during the R&D process are the innovative VisiConsult Computed Tomography solutions to fine tune the manufacturing process of single components. Typical applications are the detection of porosity clusters, defect patterns, actual-nominal comparison and many other helpful analyses. All our solutions are proven in field and have many successful reference installations.

  • Composite material, carbon-fiber (CFR), honeycomb, turbine blades etc.
  • Detect typical flaws like delamination, cracks, inclusions, porosities etc.
  • Advanced 3D analyses with Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Many years of experience and many installed systems on the market
  • Automated Defect Recognition (ADR) for certain parts

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