Pipe, tank and vessel

Inspection of big pipes and tanks is a time costly procedure. Modern real-time X-ray systems result in a huge efficiency gain in comparison to the conventional film (RT) approach. VisiConsult developed cutting edge custom systems with weld tracking, defect marking, automated handling and much more.

Tank and pipe mills have a huge demand for inspection solutions as most standards like the EN-17636 require a high quality test of all welding lines for every part. This makes the X-ray inspection a production bottleneck. As many products have a big wall thickness and dense material like stainless steel it is required to work with high energy. Tubes of 450kV or more and even LINACs (linear accelerators) are used to penetrate the walls.

VisiConsult provides turn-key inspection solutions with the highest automation degree on the market. The XRHPipe for example is a fully automatic in-line or off-line inspection system for heavy pipes. The XRHTank is designed in a similar way but specialized on inspection of tanks, vessels, silos or boilers. This is the only system that can inspect both tank ends, the connecting circumferential weld and even the manhole in one automated process. All systems have an automatic weld tracking, part recognition, optional failure marker and many inbuilt software tools like certified resolution and contrast verification in compliance to EN-17636.

All our solutions are proven in field and are designed in a rugged industrial design to endure the demanding conditions inside a “dirty” production environment and are optimized to have a maximum throughput. Many manufacturers still use film or CR to inspect the welds – this approach is incredibly time costly. The usage of Digital Radiography (DR) reduces the needed time and personnel by a huge amount. Other gains are an increased process stability and storage in a DICONDE database.

  • Detection of welding defects like porosities, inclusions, cracks and other flaws
  • Convenient part handling for big and heavy parts like pipelines and gas/oil tanks
  • Automated inspection of butt, longitudinal, circumferential, spiral and even manhole welds
  • Highlight defects with the powerful Xplus image enhancement tools
  • Certified resolution and contrast verification in compliance to EN-17636

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