The XRHMultiTube is a specialized system for the inspection of endless pipes. The pipes are welded together and coiled on a big reel for the oil and gas industry. As the inspection has to be carried out in respect to the demanding EN-17636 standard a sophisticated mechanic is needed.

The system has a tilting axis to allow elliptical weld inspection from multiple angles. To adjust the resolution, the magnification can be changed dynamically. Finally, the tube and detector can be rotated 330° around the pipe center to capture all angles. All movements are automated through CNC programmable axes in our Xplus Handle to increase the inspection speed and quality. This allows high-volume production, while ensuring the inspection quality.

  • Customized to provide an inspection workflow with highest efficiency
  • Double wall inspection of pipe welds in compliance to EN-17636
  • Designed for in-line inspection of three separate production lines
  • Can be tailored towards specific inspection requirements and parts
  • Approved through reference installations in the oil and gas industry
  • High quality components and superior craftsmanship made in Germany

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