The XRHTube is a specialized system for high resolution double-wall weld inspection of titanium pipes. The system is designed and approved by the demanding standards of the aerospace industry and allowes our customer to switch from film to Digital Radiography (DR) through DICONDE.

The X-ray setup combines a 150kV micro-focus tube with a high-accuracy live detector to inspect wall thicknesses down to 1.6 mm. If required the tube and panel can be chosen depending on application requirements. The inspection is complying to EN-17636 and can be completely automated through CNC controllable axes and Xplus sequences. The universal design and tube/panel choice makes this system perfect for other industries as well.

  • Customized to provide an inspection workflow with highest efficiency
  • Double wall inspection of pipe welds in compliance to EN-17636
  • Designed for automated visual inspection of aerospace welds
  • Can be tailored towards specific inspection requirements and parts
  • Approved through reference installations in the aerospace industry
  • Compliant to Boeing, NADCAP, ASTM and other aerospace standards

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