In high volume industries like automotive the requirement for a hundred percent X-ray inspection creates a bottleneck in the production. The XRHRobotStar is a fully Automated Defect Recognition (ADR) capable robot-system that allows an ultra-fast in-line inspection.

The XRHRobotStar is an ultra-fast inspection system for all kinds of small to medium parts and can be equipped with up to 225kV. Successful reference systems for the inspection of aluminum castingparts exist in the automotive industry. The XRHRobotStar is the leading in-line inspection system on the market. By building a parallelized cluster solution consisting of several cabinets the throughput can be increased even more to scale with production extensions.

The basic functionality is that an (un)loading robot on the outside handles the incoming parts from the customer defined conveyor and distributes the inspected parts to the next processes, while on the inside a robot with a mounted C-Arm, including X-ray components, inspects the pre-programmed test-positions. The retrieved images are checked by the Xplus ADR for critical defector or other user defined criteria. In case of a mixed production the system can have different sequences for every part type. The parts will be recognized through a Data Matrix Code (DMC).

  • Xplus: Clear digital radiography images including live enhancement
  • Part recognition through Data Matrix Codes (DMC) enable mixed inspection
  • Fully Automated Defect Recognition (ADR) of flaws and custom criteria
  • Designed for high volume in-line X-ray inspection
  • Free choice of X-ray components (tube, detector etc.) up to 225kV
  • Very short cycle time through high degree of parallel processes

Xplus that sets new industry standards. Constant development and 25 years of experience combined with a maximum flexibility towards special process requirements help our customers to be one step ahead of competition! Automated inspections sequences lead to an unmatched efficiency and process safety.

The VisiConsult ADR can be taught without any further programming knowledge by the supervisor. For archiving purposes, a variety of platforms are available: DICONDE, overlayed X-ray images, databases and much more can be used. Together with an offline inspection station the operator can review scrap parts without interrupting the in-line process. All X-ray components (tube, detector etc.) can be chosen based on customer preferences and inspection job requirements. The VisiConsult application engineers will do a comprehensive consulting to suggest the best setup.

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