Computed Radiography (CR)

Computed Radiography (CR) 

CR requires two important pieces of equipment: a phosphor plate and a laser scanner. CR stores latent images within a radiation-sensitive photo-stimulated phosphor layer. Radiation energy from the x-ray or gamma source excites and traps electrons in a higher-energy state within the phosphor layer. In the CR scanner, a laser beam contacts the excited electrons and releases their energy into visible light. This visible light is transformed into a digital image.

There are many benefits of computed radiography which include:

-  Images are available in less than half the time of traditional film

-  A digital image is created which can be stored or transferred anywhere at any time; the images will not decay over time as does traditional film

-  Physical film is no longer required which removes the need for specialized storage rooms

-  Chemicals are not required to produce the image; this will free up physical storage, help the environmental, and reduce safety concerns

-  CR Phosphor plates can be re-used numerous times (typically 10,000 shots)

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