Linear Wear resistant probe +/- 30degrees

B.S. Phased Array Probe

These wear resistant straight beam contact PA probe feature DGS sizing technology. They provide a nice solution for finding “off angle” defects by sweeping +/- 30 or +/- 20 degrees respectively. POD and productivity are dramatically improved! The first wear resistant straight beam contact Phased Array probe in the market featuring DGS sizing technology. DGS can also be utilized as an improved sizing tool for all angles in the sector scan.  The unique probe design shows a significantly improved sound profile for dynamical focusing applications.

The ergonomic BS housing is unique on the market, offering comfortable handling over long inspection times. The highly wear resistant B.SPA16 probes offer the most productive and accurate flaw sizing with Phased Array probes.  If you have large forging, casting, or billet testing,  you cannot afford to be without these probes.

• B2SPA16: 2 Mhz/16 EL/1.5 mm pitch, PN 0069805,
• B4SPA16: 4 Mhz/16 EL/1.5 mm pitch, PN 0069806,

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