Rail wheel probe

Railroad wheel profile inspection   

Rail Wheel Inspection Systems to meet American Association of Railroads Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices Section G-2, Section

GE’s Portable Inspection alternative was developed as a cost effective solution for low production volume shops and as a prove up tool for shops employing automated inspection solutions. Combining GE’s Phasor XS portable phased array flaw detector with a bubbler assembly containing a 64 element phased array probe, the user can display and capture a TopView C-Scan image of a wheel tread inspection.

Conventional ultrasonic inspection relies on individual probes with a fixed geometry and ultrasonic focus or a series of such probes mechanically manipulated to scan a region of interest. Ultrasonic inspection with Phased Array uses a single multiple element probe to achieve the same application result without the need for mechanical probe manipulation. This is made possible because the individual elements within the probe are driven by the electronics in sets that can be electronically scanned and focused at different ultrasonic depths in near real time. Phased Array provides full volumetric inspection of the area of interest on a rail wheel at higher throughput and without the complex mechanical motion of a conventional inspection system.

• Sense proper functionality

• Detect an improper test (e.g. loss of water coupling)

• Capture and store a C-scan representation of the test data for 10 years.

• Indicate pass, fail or incomplete test.

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