AWS Phased array

AWS inspection with Phased Array probe

An effort from GEIT has developed a procedure for applying phased array to the current practice methodology of the D1.1 code. A 16-element array was designed to comply with AWS specs, essentially emulating the most popular AWS conventional probe. We have Created an array probe to replicate the 5/8” x 5/8” conventional AWS probe. We can also supply a guideline procedure for the Phasor XS utilizing the sectorial and A-scan views.

While it is recognized that phased array technology is becoming more widespread and popular within various industries, it has not yet been specifically addressed by the AWS. It is now possible to align the Phasor XS with the current methodology prescribed in Clause 6, Part F, of the AWS D1.1, 2008 Code. This is achievable due to the well-established fact that an array transducer with the same physical properties of size, shape, and frequency, as a conventional monolithic transducer, will have identical acoustic properties.

We have a guideline procedure for the Phasor XS utilizing the sectorial and A-scan views. For the detection and interpretation of discontinuities in groove type welds and the associated heat affected zones (HAZ). Applicable part thickness range is from 5/16” to 8” inclusive of material thickness as prescribed by Part F of the AWS D1.1 – 2008 code.

For more details, please see the instructional video placed onto YouTube. YouTube - Using Phased Array for AWS codes

Equipment requirements:

Phasor XS:  Phased Array Flaw Detector, 16/64 with TOP VIEW Part number #022-510-084

Phased array AWS probe, 2.25 Mhz/16 el/.99 mm pitch  Part number #115-000-866

Phased array 60 degree AWS wedge, Part number #118-340-105

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