RotoArray, for composite inspection

Composite inspection with Roto-Array probe

The power of an immersion C-scan in the palm of your hand!

Designed for speed, portability, and performance, the Roto-Array allows you to quickly inspect composite structures for delaminations, porosity, flaws, foreign materials and bond integrity.

A quick and easy way to inspect composites in the Aerospace industry, or to inspect wind turbine blades in the energy sector. Other inspections on aluminum skins and other metal structures for corrosion or flaw detection. The special rubber wheel conforms to curved surfaces for maximum scan coverage.  A simple mist of water is sufficient as a couplant agent on the part's surface. You can inspect in B-scan or encoded C-scan mode, ideal for various nondestructive testing applications, including voids, delaminations and disbonds. 

the RotoArray™ is available with connectors that mate with other brands of phased array instruments. The Advanced version has three remote switches which allow you to remotely start scans, stop scans, and increment scans on capable instruments. Allows for inspecting vertical surfaces, even upside down

Transparent wheel makes it easy to purge air bubbles

Available RotoArray™ Formats:

For Aerospace:

2”  wide  (Pitch 0.8mm)  64 element phased-array, 5 MHz. 

3.2” wide  (Pitch 1.27mm)  64 element phased-array, 5 MHz. 

For Wind turbine blades:

5”  wide  (Pitch 2mm)  64 element phased-array, 1 MHz. 

5”  wide  (Pitch 4mm)  32 element phased-array, 0.5MHz 

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