Magnetic Bench Custom Made

Well established in Europe since 2007, CND Conception custom builds and delivers mag benches, Demag units and liquid penetrant modular systems worldwide. From the simplest current generators to the most complex automated inspection lines.  Their vision for custom design and automation has been noticed and sought after by numerous Global Aerospace and automotive companies.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) systems

·  Automatic or semiautomatic

·  stationary power units

·  Multidirectional magnetization by heads, direct contacts and coils

Using the ‘wet continuous’ method of magnetic particle inspection, our Magnetic benches are designed to suit your application needs. Of very compact design, they are easy to fit in within your control room. Our benches meet the highest industry standards for safety and work environment.

We can install up to 3 magnetization circuits in multiple configurations in voltages most adapted to your needs.  The generators are fitted within the bench minimizing the amount of cable lengths and overheating.  The spray system components are also fitted within the bench to minimize floor stains.  Manual spraying with optional automatic spraying during the mag process

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