EBU & SBU Series: MPI benches

EBU Series & SBU Series MPI  BENCHES

  • Testing of components of all sizes
  • Built to individual specifications
  • Offering the optimum combination of technical and commercial satisfaction
  • Proven Track Record for reliability and durability

AC, Half Wave DC (HWDC) & Full Wave DC (FWDC)


  • Heavy-duty framework fitted with a stainless steel drain tank.
  • The frame design usually allows the power pack to be mounted integrally. Alternatively, the power pack can be housed in a separate cabinet.
  • Bed bars support a fixed position headstock and movable tailstock, and are mounted in the tank.
  • Ease of movement as the tailstock has sintered phosphor bronze bearings and is fitted with a simple lock.
  • The head and tailstocks are equipped with test piece supports and easily replaceable copper mesh contact pads.
  • Pneumatic clamping prior to magnetizing is operated by a footswitch.
  • On the Magazon SBU, the clamping pressure can be reduced, which affords protection to delicate components. A small piece device can also be fitted, which provides rotation of the component for easy viewing.
  • For heavier test pieces support rollers mounted on the bed bars are available.


Instrument controls and digital ammeters are on an eye-level console located above the headstock. Digital metering is standard on all units and can be calibrated to display the output current in PEAK, RMS, or 2xMEAN. Two meters are provided, each with independent control. One meter displays HEAD current, and the other displays FLUX/COIL current.

Selection of magnetizing mode, current waveform and shot time is by rotary switches. Indicator lamps show power ON and READY, while illuminated push-buttons allow initiation of magnetizing and demagnetizing cycles. Each console is populated in accordance with the options provided on the particular unit.

The MAGAZON EBU and SBU Series has a universal, microprocessor based, electronic system which allows many additional features to be incorporated.

These include:

Current pre-selection. The required current level once selected is automatically achieved when the magnetizing “shot” is initiated.

Built-in memory. An integral memory will store up to 99 sets of data including all test parameters for each component. This feature is extremely useful when testpiece batches are small, and frequent changes are needed.


Magazon SBU, a nominal 2500 A power pack provides AC, with HWDC (half wave rectified) and single phase, or 3-phase FWDC (full wave rectified) waveforms as options.

Magazon EBU, nominal 3000A or 5000A AC power packs are standard, though alternative options are available subject to technical appraisal.

The provision of HWDC (half wave rectified) or FWDC (full wave rectified) waveforms can also be accommodated. On standard models infinitely variable current control is achieved using thyristors resulting in a complex current waveform. However, where a sinusoidal waveform is required for compliance with some test specifications, the option of variable transformer control is available for both the Magazon SBU and EBU.


In a high volume production line, component throughput is vital and can be a limitation on output. Two

further options are available with a standard MAGAZON Series bench to provide increased inspection capacity:

Multi-directional magnetizing or “Swinging Field”

Allows two magnetizing circuits to operate simultaneously, eliminating the need for multiple “shots”. Defects in any orientation are highlighted in a single operation and consequently only one viewing is necessary.

Automatic sequencing

provides a degree of automation which can be selected depending on the application. A semi-automated sequence would limit operator involvement to loading the testpiece, initiating the cycle and unloading. The normal sequence of clamping, inking, magnetizing and unclamping can be achieved automatically. During this time the operator is able to inspect the previously magnetized component.


The MAGAZON Series is suitable for use with either kerosene or water based magnetic particle inspection inks. Ink is applied to the testpiece by a manually controlled spray or from an overhead shower with timed control related to the magnetizing shot. Excess ink drains to a separate free standing stainless steel reservoir, fitted with an integral pumped recirculation system which maintains the particles in suspension.

The inking system is a self-contained unit with its own controls mounted on the reservoir to assist emptying and cleaning. Where fluorescent inks are specified, inspection conditions are critical. To satisfy specified lighting requirements ultraviolet lamps and a viewing canopy are available. The free standing canopy consists of a metal frame covered in a heavy flame-resistant material with front opening curtains, and can enclose sufficient area to include an inspection station or a supply of testpieces. The canopy has an extractor fan, white light and power point for the ultraviolet lamp, fitted as standard.


Encircling Coils.  A range of interchangeable encircling coils is available. The coil carriage is track mounted at the rear of the bench and is adjustable in height. It can accommodate coils with internal diameters between 300 mm and 600 mm while maintaining the centre of the contact pads in line with the coil centre. Head and tailstock design allows coil “parking” behind the faceplate affording clear access to a testpiece. If the coil is not in use it can be folded back, out of the way. Either round or square split coils, mounted directly to the bedbars, can also be supplied.

Flux Coils. Magnetizing coils with laminated cores built into the head and tailstock provide the magnetic flux for “Flux Flow” or “Mag Flow”.

Special Coils. Alternative coils to meet special applications can be supplied, either mounted on the bench if space permits, or on a separate free-standing frame. These include spiral or “pancake” coils, encircling coils with laminated cores and split coils, or knife switch coils, with a turntable to rotate the testpiece.

Remote magnetizing. Components which are difficult to load because of their size or shape can be magnetized off the bench. Output sockets allow the bench power supply to be connected to prods, leeches or wrapped cables.

Testpiece Supports. V-block supports are fitted to the head and tailstock as standard. Adjustable support rollers fitted to the head or tailstock, or mounted on the bed bars, can be supplied. A small piece device affords protection to delicate components is also available.

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