Other Industries

Nondestructive Testing: Other Industries 

Nondestructive (NDT) testing has a wide variety of applications. From evaluating porosity in complex cast parts to in-process & post-process inspection of advanced composite materials and in the evaluation of electronic components and failure analysis, NDT testing is used throughout many industries.  Manufacturers use NDT testing methods for testing the integrity of crucial components and devices. NDT methods can be used for a wide variety of materials including metallic and nonmetallic components, complex and irregular materials as well as solid objects.

NDT and other industries

General industries also use NDT technologies as key components in maintenance programs reducing costly plant shutdowns, and integrated in assembly line processes to ensure a consistent quality, fewer product issues and recalls. Remote Visual inspection techniques are increasingly used in quality control. These industries are showing a strong demand for nondestructive inspection equipment, including radiography, ultrasound and eddy current that can be easily integrated into production lines and manufacturing processes.  These other industries include pulp & paper, mining, pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing and inspection companies. Others in the manufacturing process deal with special finished products such as composite and fiberglass.

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