NDT Uses in the Transportation Industries 

Transportation is one of the world’s largest industries. Sectors range from automobiles to trucks to airplanes, railcar trains, subway trains, buses, ships, barges and ferries.  Transportation continues to evolve globally, no matter whether the type of transport involved is on the road, on the sea or in the air.  The potential market for non-destructive testing inspection continues to expand with emphasis on product quality, safety, cost effective manufacturing, advances in nano-materials, composite materials and related manufacturing and testing.

NDT in the transportation industry

In the rail industry, NDT testing is done on railcar wheels and axles and also on the tracks themselves. NDT testing is used in quality control, to evaluate proper assembly of components, as well as joints and assembly integrity. NDT testing is also used by tire manufacturers to test steel-belted radial tires, and for other purposes.

  • Rail and Rolling Stock inspection for cracks with eddy current technology
  • Railroad wheel inspection with ultrasonic phased array technology
  • Rail axle, wheel and brake disk seats inspection with ultrasonic phased technology
  • Radioscopic Wheel Inspection system
  • Rail weld inspection
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